We all need guiding lights in our lives to help us find our way when we have lost hope, direction or sense of purpose. Many of us have found our guiding light in some form or another – in God, in a book, or in a Individual. We look up to those Guiding Lights to show us the path.LASSIB Societies Guiding Light Award is a small step towards recognizing the many contributions that some individuals have selflessly provided towards the community.Whether it is by coaching thousands of students or setting up a business rendering services to the not so fortunate segments of the society. Their commitment towards making the world a better place, goes much beyond powerful fancy speeches and high paying jobs. Most often than not, they stay behind the scenes, working hard each day to change the life of one more individual.

They don’t need the Guiding Light Award. They have never nominated themselves for it. However, LASSIB Society wishes to felicitate such honorary individuals, so that their story can inspire many more individuals on the ground to look beyond high paying jobs, and designations and commit themselves for the larger good of the community.

If you have a Guiding Light in your life whom you would like to be felicitated, please contact us. Pease note that all nominations, go through a stringent evaluation criteria before being selected for an award.

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