Candidate Guiding Light

Aditham Lakshmana Rao


Name of the Guiding Light
Aditham Lakshmana Rao
Current occupation of Guiding Light
Somewhere in unknown place (No more in this world)
Which characteristics of Guiding Light have motivated you the most?
Honesty and Sincerity in official works and devotion to family members welfare on home front
How do you think these characteristics can guide others in their hour of darkness?
Everyone is aware of the rampant corruption present. in the society and departure from family ties in pursuit of pleasures and temporary happiness provided by the modern advanced gadgets.
The society would definitely far more secure and happy with peace if such persons are more in this world
Include online references, if any, to the story of Guiding Light
Being honest he faced difficulties in carrying out official duty many times. However by God’s grace all went well in the end. By following his foot steps i too had faced some tough challenges in my carreer.



Status: Pending

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