Candidate Guiding Light

Akio Morita

Name of the Guiding Light
Akio Morita
Current occupation of Guiding Light
Co-founder of a multi-billion dollar company
Which characteristics of Guiding Light have motivated you the most?
Innovative Ideas, Understand the potential customers, Confidence, Simple Customer Approach, Business Ideas with respect to needs of customers, Problem Solving, Creative thinking, Identifying Inborn Creativity
How do you think these characteristics can guide others in their hour of darkness?
He had developed a product without marketing and created a big brand value to the product and to the user. The one who turned the fledgling company into an international presence. A desire to do something great and something different which serves people needs.

Some of his sayings which are more popular:
The important thing is not to pin the blame for a mistake on somebody, but rather to find out what caused the mistake.

A common thing which most of them might had faced in life about schooling:
Akio says that Schools are not important in carrying the job out.

He had a big failure of rice cooker product with less than 100 units but nothing had stopped him in himself motivated and making the best product.



Status: Pending

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