Candidate Guiding Light

Ashutosh Mishra


Name of the Guiding Light
Ashutosh Mishra
Current occupation of Guiding Light
Working in a Private Organization
Which characteristics of Guiding Light have motivated you the most?
1. Self Confidence
2. Courageous
3. Balanced
4. Never Give up approach
5. Positivity
6. Helping Nature-No one is poor
7. Never ever any problem can be bigger than you
How do you think these characteristics can guide others in their hour of darkness?
In hour of darkness people starts :
1. Loosing self confidence
2. Loosing self confidence led to loosing self respect
3. Loosing balance in life
So one can simply guide himself in the hour of darkness by the characteristics mentioned
Include online references, if any, to the story of Guiding Light



Status: Pending

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