Candidate Guiding Light

Dr Amit Gupta

Name of the Guiding Light
Dr Amit Gupta
Current occupation of Guiding Light
CEO at Accu-view Diagnostics Pvt Ltd
Which characteristics of Guiding Light have motivated you the most?
Dr Amit is a businessman who has started his career from scratch and taken it to being more than 100 crore chain of Diagnostic Centers. He has a rational, practical approach to both business as well as life. In spite of his busy work schedule, he takes time to guide and mentor many individuals across his business and personal circle.

He guided me as a friend over the years to help me identify with myself and build my dreams for the future. There is nothing I can offer him return apart from this small token of gratitude by nominating him as my Guiding Light.

How do you think these characteristics can guide others in their hour of darkness?
His knowledge about business and his practical ways on life will undoubtedly continue to help many more individuals like me over the years.
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Status: Pending

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